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The Kaunas pro-gymnasium is located in the most beautiful panorama of Aleksotas hill and is distinguished by its original teaching of foreign languages and the philosophy of integrated training. The pro-gymnasium bases its work on the principles of learning organization. It is secure, organized in a modern way and democratically managed.

The basic value of the school is students and teachers and their cooperation concentrated on learning and personality growth. Our school is the place for the development of a young personality where individual dreams become future aspirations. The mission of our teachers is to help students accumulate necessary experience and when the time comes to see every student off to the road of self-confidence, honour and endless discoveries.

The pro-gymnasium provides qualitative primary and basic education. Students start learning a foreign language (English or French) from the first form. According to tripartite agreement the school implements EMILE and CLIL an integrated program of the French and Germany language and other school subjects (music) from the fifth form. The students have an exceptional opportunity to study the second foreign language from the fifth form. Ministry of Education and Science, the French Embassy and experts of foreign countries positively evaluated the results of EMILE students. Students are admitted to the fifth form according to their academic achievements and results. The programs of the main school subjects are differentiated according to the students’ abilities and learning rate.

The number of students in classes is small; therefore teachers have the opportunity to give proper attention to all the pupils. Excellently equipped sporting facilities allow the students and members of the community to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. A stadium, a gym, choreography and aerobics halls are at your disposal.

The pro-gymnasium works in an innovative way. A new smart classroom with 30 workstations is being installed for integrated studies according to STEAM model. Robotics, aviamodelling and chess clubs promote the development of logical and engineering thinking.

Primary school pupils take part in the healthy lifestyle program. They are provided with free dairy products and fruit. Every year the third formers take part the swimming program in the Kaunas center sport school swimming pool funded by Kaunas city municipality and Swimming Federation.

Students from form 1 to 7 are provided with programs of purposeful arts education. There are 8 dance and vocal groups as well as wide variety of clubs of informal employment. Modern information technologies are integrated in the curriculum. International projects are being implemented. The pro-gymnasium organizes student exchange programs with schools in the Czech Republic, France and Japan every year.

After school students are invited to the leisure centre which provides programs of enrichment activities, entertainment, arts and artistic subjects (the centre is open every day until 6 p.m.) The are the Music School, Basketball and Football schools after the main lessons. Picturesque and ecological environment, spacious and constantly modernising school, contemporary competences and all of this is for education of young personalities!

Contact person:
Lina Viršiliene Principal of pro-gymnasium
+370 37 391421
+370 610 00216

Lina Kilčiauskaitė Deputy for education
Mob. +370 670 49812


Bilingual education and IB programs 

IB classes 2019/2020 school year


El. paštas: progimnazija@dobkevicius.lt
Tel. nr.: +370 (37) 39-14-21
Mokyklos adresas: 46257, Kaunas,
V.Čepinskio g.7

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